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u 47700 Pink For Sale

Drug u 47700 For Sale

u 47700 Pink

u 47700 Pink For Sale – U-47700 is an authentic originator compound or research substance, However, It certifies engineering mix vender and suppliers giving U-47700 research manufactured mixes to 5 years.

U-47700 research synthetic properties

CAS No.: 121348-98-9

Appearance: white powder

Equation Name: C16H22Cl2N2O

Sub-atomic weight:329.265 g/mol

about U-47700 research synthetic

U-47700 gets the conscious and formal IUPAC name 3,4-Dichloro-N-[(1R,2R)- 2-(dimethylamino)cyclohexyl]-N-methylbenzamide. It gives a molar mass of 329.27 grams notwithstanding an observational mixture formula of C16H22Cl2N2O. U47700 is a bit of the prescription class narcotic analgesics. Particularly U47700 is among the benzamide kind of narcotics. It isn’t for remedially yet inside research.

u 47700 Pink For Sale

Pharmacologically U47700 can be a specific agonist inside the ì-narcotic receptor getting a Kd of 5.3 nM rather than a significantly debilitated restricting communication inside the kappa narcotic receptor where U47700 have a very Kd cost of 910 nM. Online reports albeit emotional and strange do demonstrate various qualities from the synthetic substance. u 47700 Pink For Sale

U47700 represents to convey conclusions of enjoyment, trouble lightening and covering of frenzy. Different customers have uncovered effects like the exhaustively manhandled pharmaceutical oxycodone. Enthusiasm represents lower when it differentiates and morphine or heroin. The sensation made is called slants of °warmth ± and °comfort ± which matches using your body. U47700 is represented as causing generally more essential sedation than for all intents and purposes indistinguishable tranquilizers like oxycodone or hydrocodone.

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